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"We must use our resources to the best advantage in making our community a finer, better, happier one. But our most important role is to set an example, provide an incentive, so that others will join to provide a broad base that will make the resulting enterprise truly a community accomplishment."

The Miller Foundation welcomes proposals from non-profit organizations that serve Battle Creek, Michigan. The Miller Foundation does not make grants to individuals. Grantees, which are not governmental organizations, must be an organization exempt from income tax under Section 501(c) (3). The Miller Foundation will not typically award more than 10% of a given project or program.


The Miller Foundation Board of Trustees is thrilled to announce that they will be considering agency grant applications again beginning in June of 2017. The site is now open again for letters of intent and grant applications!

To add an organization account into our grant system or to start a “grant” letter of intent for an organization that is already in the system sign in here.

Online Letters of Intent

Online Letters of Intent can be submitted at any time, up to 2 weeks prior to the grant deadline (for which you choose to apply). If the request is within the scope of the Foundation’s mission, you will then receive an email (within 7 days) to either proceed to the second step: the Online Grant Application or a denial.

The Miller Foundation Board of Trustees considers grants at their March, July and November/December board meetings, with grant due dates being February 5th, June 5th and October 5th.

If you are signing in for a Matching grant or CEO grant you can sign in here. You may also use the link above to open an agency grant account with us.

Should you have any questions, please call the Foundation at (269) 964-3542 x12.

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"In this day and age, it's very important to really take an active role in supporting the community that you live in. Without the addition of forward-thinking groups like The Miller Foundation, our community would lack important programs and groups that are here to help everyday."

The Miller Foundation focuses on helping things happen for the betterment of Battle Creek.













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