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focuses on assisting local nonprofit, charitable
organizations with projects that provide for the
betterment of Battle Creek, Michigan.




"We must use our resources to the best advantage in making our community a
finer, better, happier one. But our most important role is to set an example, provide
an incentive, so that others will join to
provide a broad base that will make the resulting enterprise truly a community accomplishment."



The trees in The Miller Foundation insignia have a special meaning to the Miller family.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Miller bought ten acres of land on Minges Brook in 1928. Soon after, Mr. Miller began planting hundreds of conifers to add beauty to what was then a barren tract of prairie land. Today, the seedlings, planted some 75 years before, have grown into a small forest over 60 feet high.

And this is the significance of the Foundation insignia – a seedling, a growing tree and the promise of tomorrow. Tunc • Nunc • Postea

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